Be grateful. It's powerful!

It doesn’t really matter who you are, where you are or what your situation is like. But what really matters is that you can attract more and more of the good things into your life simply by making few practices a part of your daily life.

Be grateful. Being grateful is powerful. If you find yourself complaining too much about how little you have, it is time to stop and think. Your dream house or job may not be there yet, but there are so many more things you can actually be grateful for, such as having a place to stay tonight, living parents or close family, food in your fridge or clean clothes to wear. The universe is watching you. If you complain a lot, you are sending out a wrong message. It’s like saying ‘Thank you for everything, but that’s not enough’. But if you are grateful for what you have, you are ready to receive even more and the universe usually responds with ‘I see you are happy with everything, let me send you some more’! Gratitude is the key.

Think of good and happy thoughts. We have on average 60 000 – 80 000 thoughts a day, so it is normal that both good and bad thoughts will be there. But over some of them, we do have control. When you start having bad thoughts that cause anxiety or make you feel worried, you have to try to let them go. Welcome and observe them but replace them with something better that can bring a better solution. In the end, it all comes down to a simple question: would you rather spend your time thinking how unfair life is or that everything is going to be alright? Because the effort is the same and what you think and believe eventually becomes your reality.

Do it because you love it! When you do something, ask yourself why you are doing it. Working or having goals to make a lot of money or gain recognition is amazing. But it gets better and has far more better results when you know that you do it because you love it. What is it that you want to transmit? Do you wanna teach, inspire or help? Find your purpose and you will never stop loving Mondays!

Change your beliefs. You can make a lot of money, you can be successful but if you don’t cultivate that positive mindset, chances are very high you will get stuck when it comes to achieving your goals. Belief in yourself is the key to success. People will judge and criticize you, but it’s up to you to believe it or not. Choose to believe in yourself! Never cease to believe that you can achieve anything and even more.

Pay it forward. Refill the tank with good energy. How you do it, it’s up to you to decide. Some people meditate, some people help others. Any act of kindness is worth it. Help an elderly person in the street, cook for a friend who got sick, feel the empathy for those who need it. Show love and give without expecting anything in return. Do it because you really feel it in your heart. When you do good, you only receive good.

Take action! The universe will send you sufficient tools and people you need to make things happen! 

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