Chromotherapy as a form of alternative medicine

Chromotherapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that explores the effect colours can have on our mood, emotions and overall state of mind.

Our colour preferences can tell much about our deepest thoughts, feelings and personality. We communicate our outward messages, feelings and thoughts to others with a choice of colour - in our clothing or interior design in our homes.

Colour can unveil not only our beauty, but also our talents and strengths by balancing our energies and sharpening our minds. Colour opens us up to our inner world, which can help steer us to a life filled with love, happiness and grace. It helps us understand who we truly are, abilities and talents we have deep inside of us, and the power we have to overcome life's challenges.

Colours often help us release negative emotions, such as fear, anger, depression, frustration, encouraging us to take back our power and acknowledge our wisdom.

The healing power of colour and yoga create a wonderful mix. Their combination can enhance our awareness of body and soul. As yoga works the body and challenges the mind, colour helps to stimulate the energy. Yoga colour therapy can help target a wide range of emotions, thoughts and different parts of the body, to heighten awareness and focus in a soothing, yet uplifting way. Some of the benefits of using colour therapy in yoga are:
- calming and balancing of the mind and body,
- regulated energy in the body,
- increased mobility, especially joints and hips,
- decreasing of stress levels,
- creativity unleashed,
- improved focus and deeper state of relaxation,
- increased joy and serotonin production.

When colourful, subdued atmosphere is synchronised with asana, everything else feels more connected to help deepen your mind - body connection.

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