Essential Oils You Should Have In Your Summer Bag

essential oils for the summer time

Beautiful, powerful, and sensual, essential oils have many health benefits, and their extraordinary natural scents help us connect to our senses and our bodies. Extracted from a particular part of the plant (flower, leaf, bark, root, resin, seed or fruit), all the organic constituents locked inside the essential oil promote extremely beneficial response when inhaled or applied.

With the summer coming, there are many ways you can apply essential oils to your daily routine and it’s very recommended you do so! You can use them to calm down before any long journey or travel, to soothe your skin after a long time in the sun, at the beach or in the water, or to get rid of the stress accumulated in your body during the winter months so you can better enjoy your summer holidays.

One of the most effective ways of using essential oils is inhalation; fast and easy, it can offer many therapeutic rewards. Using the diffuser can help spread the oil throughout an enclosed space, refreshing the air around you and giving it a beautiful fragrance. If you wish to use water to heal, you can do so by combining the heat and essential oils through hydrotherapy. Applying few drops to the skin is also a great way to create a healing effect within your body (note: some essential oils are strong and should not be applied directly on to the skin).

What are some of the best essential oils you can use this summer to improve your overall wellbeing?

  1. Lavender - one of the best multi-purpose essential oils that can be used as a pain reliever, muscle relaxant, an anti-anxiety sleep aid, an antibacterial for cuts and wounds, or a topical treatment for skin problems, such as insect bites or eczema. Lavender is also great for calming and relieving stress.
  1. Peppermint - works very well for dry skin and can help you reduce itching, repel bugs or cool off after a long day. Diffusing peppermint has an energizing effect, especially on a hot day, also helping you prepare for a good night sleep. Combining peppermint and coconut oils is fantastic for creating an easy muscle rub when you feel pain.
  1. Palmarosa - it has a bright and cleansing aroma with the beautiful smell - hints of citrus and cut grass, slightly floral and sweet. Palmarosa has great anti-inflammatory, cooling, and regenerative properties, and it can also be used to cool down after the travel or to fight a jet lag.
  1. Patchouli - it’s a very rich and versatile oil but also highly concentrated so you only need a drop in a blend. Patchouli is believed to elevate mood and senses since it’s very calming and grounding. Many use it to treat skin problems, such as dry and cracked skin, eczema or dandruff.

  2. Cypress - this is a great oil for absorbing water. People who have problems with retaining water, sweating easily or experiencing many digestive issues can benefit a lot from cypress oil. Many believe it also aids with concentration.
  1. Sandalwood - used since ancient times, Sandalwood is great for calming and to instill a sense of inner peace. It can help soothe the skin after the sunburn, reduce puffiness, or deepen and relax your lungs and breath when inhaled.
  1. Grapefruit - this is a very energizing oil, perfect for summer season. It helps relieve water retention and metabolize fats, making you feel lighter. It can also help balance your mood, heal topical wounds or soothe a sore throat. Use it in the morning for an extra boost!
  1. Lemon - loaded with antioxidants, lemon essential oil can give you a fresh and uplifting feeling. It has cooling and antiseptic properties, also serving as a great antidepressant.
  1. Geranium - very often used to treat cellulite, dry skin, to reduce inflammation or release toxins from the body. Geranium oil has a beautiful fragrance that can help uplift your mood, promote emotional wellness and balance hormones.
  1. German Chamomile - a great essential oils for those fighting allergies. It has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, helping you enjoy your summer adventure.