Healing Spiritual Practice

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When a caterpillar undergoes its metamorphosis and changes into a butterfly, it has to release its limited earthbound form. Our transformation happens in a similar way and the catalyst for that is often a ‘dark night of the soul’. We find ourselves in a state of great pain and suffering, be it a heartbreak, depression, loss, anxiety, or failure. We seek solace in familiar things, people, experiences, but when those do not work, we find our way inside ourselves, reclaiming our authenticity and reconnecting with our own soul.

Science is always searching for what is objectively measurable or repeatable. But our soul is subjective, immaterial and impossible to quantify. And while mind gives us access to science, the soul gives us access to spirituality and faith, awakens our sense of connection to something ‘more’, something beyond. To some, this is the Universe or a Higher Power. To others, it is a more general sense of the sacred, a collective consciousness, a shared global purpose. Whatever your ‘more’ is, it usually concerns the matters of truth, purpose, and meaning.

One of the most important things about spirituality is that it heals. Spirituality can improve mental and physical health, and can reduce addictions, anxiety, depression or suicidal behaviors. But what steps can one take to harness the power of spirituality in the service of healing, growth and personal transformation?

Go from ‘I’m unaware’ to ‘I’m deeply connected to my soul’. Many of us unfortunately learn to wear a mask since an early age in order to please others, such as family, friends, teachers. When we do that we sadly hide our precious true selves and with time we learn how to use this false mask to ward off anxiety and problems, and to keep ourselves safe from harm. Eventually the mask brings us so much acceptance and sense of belonging that we start losing track of who we once were. By reconnecting with our soul and setting our true self free, we can leave the emptiness and rediscover the real joy of vitality. Start by connecting to what you most and deeply desire (meditation can be a very powerful tool to do that).

Take your power back and create the life you want to live. Take responsibility for your life. Stop blaming your problems on a difficult childhood, unfair circumstances or unfair world. By doing so you can easily become a ‘victim’. It is normal to feel frustrated when you experience some kind of loss or sudden drama but while we often cannot control the life challenges or circumstances, we can control how we view those things and the mentality we adopt. Remaining a ‘victim’ is easy, it enables us to escape the anxiety of having to make real choices and exercise our free will. But this is one of the most disempowering roles that we can adopt. Raise above the pain and be a creator of your own destiny.

Be interconnected with everyone and everything. We are all interconnected as matter and energy, which means that from energetic standpoint there is no distinction between you and me. There is only, as Albert Einstein referred to, the ‘optical delusion of consciousness’, which is so powerful that when we harm others, we are also harming ourselves. Take responsibility not just for yourself and your actions but for the others and the whole world. To end the world’s darkness we have to transform and end the darkness within us first. On a personal or global scale, it always begins when we realize our collective unity.

The path to fulfillment is not outside of us but we have to do the inner work of reconnecting to our soul, taking responsibility for all aspects of our lives. Don’t wait and start today. Start the path of happiness and fulfillment and watch your life unfold in front of you!