Lily of the desert

The aloe vera plant, also known as the 'lily of the desert', is a magical plant. It has many health benefits and its uses go far beyond treating bug bites or sunburns.

What's the difference between aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel? The juice can be produced either from the whole leaf or just the inner portion and is usually consumed orally as a health tonic that has immune - boosting and digestive - stimulating effects (if you are not sure whether this form is good for you, it is good to consult your doctor before using it). A clear aloe gel can be found inside the leaves and is often used topically, being a classic remedy for minor cuts and burns, as well as sunburns.

The long - chain polysaccharide sugars in aloe are a healing form of sugar. Thanks to those types of sugars, our white blood cells operate more efficiently. They help our immune system fight back infections. Also glutathione present in aloe is a powerful antioxidant that keeps energy levels high, preventing damage to cellular functions.
Adding products containing aloe to our skin care products (toners or moisturizers) may help reduce redness and help broken skin or acne heal.
Internally, aloe can help balance high blood sugar levels, support gut health or ease constipation, reducing inflammation in the colon.

The uses of Aloe are great and there are plenty of home - made recipes. Try it yourself and see the wonderful results!

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