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You may well be intrigued by the concept of healing and manifesting your life with the help of crystals, but did you know that jewelry can actually be equally powerful? An old and favorite necklace, ring or bracelet that has a special meaning for you can be just as life – changing.
The idea that specific crystals possess certain healing properties has been around for a very long time. If you are familiar with it, you probably might have a crystal for everything by now. You know what you need for grounding, for opening you third – eye chakra or to cultivate love. Finding different crystals can sometimes be exhausting and difficult to incorporate into life for some people. And if that happens to be you, there is an easier way.
Crystals work but you have to infuse them with your good and positive energy. This energy is not a physical energy but rather a spiritual energy. In other words, you have to believe in them. When you meditate on your intentions and imagine that energy entering the crystal, you are actually programming it. Crystals can hold positive vibrations and intentions much easier than other objects, but carrying them all around isn’t always so practical.  

The crystal you have is only a physical symbol for your intention. That symbol serves as a reminder and helps raise your vibration to match your intention. And the more your vibe matches your intention, the easier it will be for the intention to manifest. The good news is that you can also program other, more practical objects to help you manifest, like jewelry for example. And if that jewelry has stones and crystals, you can make it very powerful!

How do you do that? Find something you love wearing. Hold it in your palms and imagine bright light cleansing it and making it new again. Visualize your intention and feel the positive emotions you would feel if your intention came true. You can think of more than one, it’s all up to you. Imagine those beautiful positive feelings going into the jewelry. Continue visualizing until you fully believe your intention is manifesting. Wear the jewelry as often as you life and have trust that your intention will manifest. Start living the life of your dreams!

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