Myths About Crystal Healing

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Many people show interest or are drawn to crystals because of their natural beauty. But crystals are so much more than that. Crystal healing is an alternative technique used to cure and protect from certain ailments, allowing positive and healing energy to flow into the body just as the negative energy flows out. Scientifically speaking, there is not much evidence that crystal healing can be used to cure diseases, making it really hard to differentiate certain gemstones or crystals by color or chemical composition to treat a particular problem. Yet, many agree that using crystals can significantly relax and improve general well – being of a person using them.

Crystal healing practices started already thousands of years ago with Egyptians using stones such as lapis lazuli, carnelian or turquoise to ward off bad and negative energy, but the modern crystal healing is often based on traditional concepts borrowed from many Asian cultures (qi or concept of chakras) said to connect both physical and supernatural elements of the body. In crystal healing, stones are assigned various properties, and the colors of the stones are also associated with seven chakra points on the body.

Holding a crystal in their hand, a person can sense the vibration the crystal emits. It’s precisely these subtle vibrations that are used in the therapy to clear, balance and re-energize body’s natural energy fields. Placing a crystal on or near the body can facilitate the healing change, allowing for their vibration to ‘enter’ the spinning energy centers of the chakras, clearing any negative energy out and allowing them to function at their best capacity. Crystals cannot fix all of the problems but we can work with them to restore our balance and remove blockages that can cause illness or disease in the organs supplied by that particular meridian.

Crystal healing therapy may not be able to replace medical treatment, but it can definitely induce relaxation that leads to a better stress management, which is important as stress is one of the main factors responsible for a lot of our problems. By opening the chakras and releasing old patters that no longer serve us, we can slowly move forward opening up to new and better selves.

So how do you choose which crystal is best for you? The answer is: there is no rule. Many crystals have already attributed certain properties, some are good for grounding and some are good for cleaning, but the truth is, you have to decide what works best for you. When you develop a special relationship with a certain stone or crystal, you start feeling its energy and vibration. Generally the crystal that is most beneficial to you will feel right even though you may not be able to describe some of the sensations it creates. As you start using crystals more, you may begin to find them more, or sometimes they just begin to find you! Trust your inner voice and intuition, sometimes they are your best guides!