The Six 'Muscles' of Spiritual Fitness


Just as we have our own physical fitness levels, we have our own spiritual fitness levels too. And these determine how happy, energized, and aligned we feel in our everyday lives.

1. Spiritual Muscle. Our spiritual awareness can give a whole new meaning to our lives. Instead of focusing entirely on your personal experience, your consciousness expands to include others - things we may not logically understand but intuitively know. If your spiritual muscle is strong, you know where you are going and you know that you are being guided by something bigger than you. You feel peace, you feel abundance. If the muscle is weak, you may experience unnecessary struggle in your life, feeling often lonely and unfulfilled.

2. Self - Awareness Muscle. Self - awareness is pivotal to the human condition. It means you are truly awake, that you have consciousness. If the muscle is strong, you feel in charge of your life and you realise that you are the driving force behind what manifests in your life, with the ability to change it. If the muscle isn't performing well, you may feel like life is happening to you, rather than by you. You have no control over it.

3. Mental Muscle. Our minds are powerful tools and shape the way we experience the world. If we don't use them well, they can work against us. If your mental muscle is strong, you are in control of your thoughts and your reality. You are present and have an awareness of the world around you. If the mind is weak, it can cause distracted thoughts and arrogance. Your focus is often wasted on unimportant and damaging thoughts.

4. Impact Muscle. Living a life of impact is important to all of us. Knowing that we have a good impact on others brings content, and the more we maximize it, the more fulfilled we feel. If the muscle is strong you know you are positively impacting those around you, and you are able to embrace opportunities that come your way. If the muscle is weak, you may feel bored, unfulfilled, jealous of the achievements of others.

5. Emotional Muscle. Our emotional state affects all our relationships, both with others and with ourselves. If the muscle is strong, you can express yourself fully, you enjoy your emotions, and you can build trust with others. If the muscle is weak, you often feel lack of emotions or you are overly emotional. You feel drama in your life.

6. Physical Muscle. We deeply experience life through our physical bodies, thus it is very important to have a good relationship with your body. If the muscle is strong, you feel present, alert and seen. You are not concerned with what other people think. You are excited to be alive. If the muscle is weak, you feel weak, or detached from your physical body.

Always work towards self - progress. It takes time, it takes effort. But it is worth it.

Article based on teachings by Jeffrey Allen.

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