Things to remember when you are feeling lost

One thing to know and remember about life: we all feel lost sometimes. Feeling lost in your relationship or career, feeling lost in your life path. Unfortunately all this feeling lost is very often accompanied by doubt, difficulty and fear of never making it to the other side. If you are feeling a bit lost right now, here is what you should remember.

1.You are a creator.

When we feel lost we often forget about the real power of who we are at our very core. The circumstances and hard times we experience make us forget that we have the very power to be, do and have whatever we choose. Being your own creator means having the ability to shift your focus from being and feeling lost to looking for and seeing endless opportunities before you. There is nothing that is out of reach. There is nothing you can't achieve, and all that power lies within the focus of your own thoughts. When you change your thoughts, you transform your life.

2. Things are working out.

Yes, it is hard to believe right now, but it is true. Things are always working out for you and the moment you acknowledge that as truth, you will begin to see those amazing shifts in your life. Many people cannot understand how feeling lost can possibly be something that is 'working out'. As human beings we often see and categorise things as 'good' or 'bad', but we miss out on many other blessings coming from all sides. Believe that while you may not realise that right now, things ARE working out for you. That's a divine truth and your job is simply to remember that.

3. Lost leads to breakthroughs.

Some of the most powerful life lessons come from going through tough situations. Feeling lost is no different. But being lost may be, in fact, the best thing that has happened to you. Feeling lost in your job may push you to finally start doing something you have always wanted. Feeling lost in your relationship may lead you to find someone you are supposed to be happy with. Lost isn't your final destination, you have to remember that. Unless, of course, you choose it. Realise and see it for what it is. A real journey into knowing more about who you are and what you desire and dream of. And then remember about the breakthroughs that are coming your way!

4.Everything can get better in an instant.

Feeling lost for a while may make you feel like transformation isn't coming anytime soon. But the truth is, everything can and will change for the better the moment you decide that it is possible. It is all about belief. If you believe it is a long and painful road, it will be. You have a choice. And that choice lies in what you believe to be true about yourself and the world, and how quickly you get to the other side.

5. Transformation is an inside job.

The journey from feeling lost to being in love with your life begins by taking a look at what lies inside of you. What is it that you have to release in order to move on and start living the life you have always wanted? What beliefs you have to transform? Begin the process of exploring your inner landscape and you will ultimately open the door to your next step.

6. You are not alone.

The Universe is always there, guiding you to the next step on your journey. In fact, you are here reading those words. Stay open to the signs along the way, they are there to support and guide you forward. Don't be afraid to ask for help, the Universe gifts you with whatever you need at that moment. Believe and see it happen.

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