Things You Should Never Forget When Practicing Yoga

1. It isn’t about anyone else. Yoga is just for you. Your mind. Your body. Your spirit. Your breath. All connected as one entity. When you are on your mat, allow time to slow down. Focus on yourself. Be selfish enough in that moment to completely forget anything that doesn’t serve your practice. When you allow your mind to focus, you are finally living the moment. And in that moment, nothing else matters.

2. Being ‘good’ at yoga doesn’t mean you have to nail every single pose. Your practice doesn’t expect you to show up happy. It asks you to be present. You can be a mess, you can have a heavy heart, you don’t need to touch your toes or meditate for hours. But show up. Because it matters. Doing what you can and listening to your body is all that matters. 

3. Letting go is a beautiful way to move forward. Sometimes we develop expectations of our yoga practice that don’t align with who we are or what our bodies can handle. But if we can accept our circumstances, we can let go of the need to be somewhere else than where we are. Find what feels good for your mind, body and soul. Let go of what you think a ‘real’ yoga practice looks like and do what works for you instead. Take it slow if that’s what your body needs and find comfort in the fact that it feels good for you.

4. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Don’t worry about how you look, or what you are wearing, or what your mat looks like. Show yourself what it is like to commit and to breathe. Shift your focus to your body, to the feeling of your body at rest or in motion. These feelings have nothing to do with how you look but everything with the connection between your mind and your body.

5. When we align the body, we also align the mind and the spirit. When our bodies feel light, clear and flexible, so do our minds. And when our minds aren’t chaotic, we can explore our lives with peace and tranquillity. Yoga teaches us to deal with each day as it arises and then put it down. When we take each moment as it arises, our minds adjust to thinking in that way. We bring this new way of understanding our lives and the world with us as we exit our practice and enter daily life, changing everything about how we respond to our jobs, relationships and ourselves.

6. Everything is always in transition. Some days your practice is super strong and energetic, some days it feels like someone is draining the life right out of you. That’s just a part of life. Everything is constantly changing, our minds, our bodies, our lives. There are many elements that effect our energy levels and abilities from day to day. Embrace them. Expect the changes and they won’t surprise you as much. Your practice will change as you go deeper into it. That means you are adjusting to what you need and that’s just wonderful!

7. Yoga gives you time to align with the life force within. Take time to breathe. Let your inhale and exhale connect your physical experience to your mental state. When things seem not to make sense in life or on the mat, return to your breathing. Listen to the ocean – like sound of air traveling through your body. You are alive. You are here and now! 

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