Use nature to regain your health and well - being

Our connection with nature is fundamental to our health and general well – being. Since many years people from different cultures looked to the earth for wisdom and healing. Living the nomadic life, they completely relied on the food provided by nature, they traveled without cars, and healed the sick with wild herbs and plants. They would rise with the sun and fall asleep with the sunset. But unfortunately times changed and many of us are now completely nature – deprived. By living in a world where technology has taken over we easily get distracted and often don’t spend enough time outdoors. Why is it so important to change that?

Think about how you feel when you look out your window and you see the concrete wall and compare that feeling with what you feel when you see a beautiful ocean, meadow or sunset. Can you feel the difference in how your body reacts? If you feel more positive (and most of us generally do), imagine how great and positive the effects are when you actually are in nature feeling the warmth of the sun, the smell of the forest or the ocean air.

Many scientific studies now show that the mortality rates very often go up the farther one lives from the green space, or that they are often lower the closer we live to the nature. As much as we often cannot avoid living in the cities that are sadly polluted and full of people, we can still do a lot that our health will be very grateful for.

Nature is like a drop of morphine in the brain. It stimulates the release of ‘feel – good’ chemicals, such as dopamine, which do make you feel happier. Whether we are looking at nature, thinking about nature or are immersed in nature, we experience a better recovery from stress, lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, and decreases in heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. Generally speaking, green spaces act as an actual stress – buffering mechanism!

Whether you are being in the nature, looking at it, or you have plants in the room, nature helps you heal. It helps you feel less anxious, have less pain, have more energy. Studies show that patients who had views of the trees (rather than brick walls) in their hospital room had shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, and generally a better recovery.

Exposure to nature can improve our energy, attention, mood and memory. Going for a walk in the park during your lunch break, even for few minutes, can help with the fatigue and brain fog we often experience by spending too much time in front of the screen. Also, outdoor exercise has plenty of benefits for our health. Being surrounded by nature while jogging definitely lifts up our mood, helps with positive thinking and gives us much more energy. The presence of phytoncides (organic compounds derived from nature) in nature can trigger production of anti – cancer proteins in the blood and negatively charged ions that are found in the fresh and clean air can aid in reducing anxiety and stress, improving healing and antioxidant activity.

Are you living healthy?! We hope you DO!

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