What Does It Mean To Be Bohemian?

There is so much talk about living bohemian lifestyle those days. Words like ‘boho’, ‘bohemian’, ‘boho chic’ pop up here and there, magazines are full of boho fashion clothes, celebrities are full of inspiration, from film sets to festival style floral prints. And everyone is all crazy about it. But what does it really mean to be bohemian?

A Bohemian is a person who lives the unconventional lifestyle, to put it simply. Tied up closely with other bohemians, she or he lives the artistic, adventurous, musical or literary lifestyle. Often defined as outsiders, bohemians are people who inspire through their unique way of being. Years ago bohemianism represented a cultural, social and personal reaction to and rejection of bourgeois values. Living carefree and with very few personal possessions, they felt no reason to be socially accepted.

Today’s bohos are truly interesting people. Combining the essence of liberating spiritual life with philosophy, they inspire new generations to pursue self-expression, and to make an impact on the world, leaving something memorable behind and jumping into life in full color. Bohemians are free people who usually don’t care much about what others think. Self-expression usually goes above the wealth and reputation, and the passion for art is everything, even if it doesn’t bring any income.

Is it possible to keep your true bohemian spirit in the modern world that is continuously trying to change us? Yes, it is. Boho is not just the fashion. Bohemian is you, your vision, your life, your way of living. When you value your freedom, style, and creativity, when you live on your own terms, you show the world it’s possible to remain unchanged and true to yourself. They can call you whatever they want, a boho, a hippie, a gypsy, but all that matters is that you live according to your own beliefs and pursue your inner happiness.

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