What you need to know to keep your inner peace and happiness

1. It's impossible for anyone else to define you. You are the only one who gets to say who you are!
2. You were born with everything you really need. Gratitude is the key!
3. Perfection is a man - made illusion. We are all beautifully imperfect.
4. You are not your thoughts. You are the calm awareness behind the noise in your mind.
5. Your beliefs can be modified to totally lift you up. You are fully in control of your own happiness.
6. The past and the future don't exist anywhere except in your mind. NOW is the only real moment.
7. Your calling in life is to fully express who you are. Shine your light!
8. Challenges are gifts. They help you grow and unlock your full potential.
9. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself to be free.
10. Surrender is often the gateway into inner peace. Let go of what weighs you down.

Know your worth. Always!

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