Why do we love papaya?

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Papaya is a fruit native to the lush tropical region stretching from southern Mexico to Panama and spread to the Caribbean, South America and Africa. There have been a lot of researches regarding the health benefits of papaya and many of them confirmed that phytonutrients in papaya are anti-fungal, anti - inflammatory, neuroprotective, antihypertensive and would aid healing. But that's not all!

The oxidative stress hastens the ageing process and leads to many chronic diseases. Foods high in antioxidants play a very important role in fighting back the oxidative stress, disease or ageing. Papaya is loaded with the antioxidants, beta - carotene, vitamin C, and tocopherol (a Vitamin E compound).

Papaya has a wonderful ability to fight inflammation due to the anti-inflammatory and immune - modulating properties of the phytonutrients it contains.

Many researchers keep on looking for natural antibacterials. It turns out that papaya inhibits E.coli and other bacteria.

The extract of papaya leaf, high in antioxidants, helps protect against stomach damage caused by alcohol. It is also indicated that papaya can be potentially used for preventing stomach ulcers.

This wonderful fruit has also proven effects against both worms and amoebic parasites!

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