Why using mala beads during meditation is good for you?

Many people feel hooked and connected to their mala pretty much right away after they start using it. The energy, the meaning and the feeling it can give you can be truly transformational. What are the main reasons then why mala can enhance your meditation and practice?

It serves as a reminder. A mala is something that can remind you of your spiritual purpose and goals. If you like having or wearing it every day, think about the power you are toting around you. This simple garland of beads can act as a wonderful support when you reach a point of feeling overwhelmed  at any time of your day or when you find yourself becoming distant from your intentions. On top of that, mala eventually becomes infused with your unique energy. For every moment held, for every experience witnessed on your path, mala becomes programmed with your vibration and the story of your personal journey.

It gives you focus. A mala, just like yoga, helps your mind to concentrate and focus. Using mantra as you touch each of the 108 beads is a way to count breaths and track affirmations. This allows your mind to form new patterns that take you away from negative or unproductive thoughts. The more we think about our new and positive thought, the better and sooner we can set a new course of action. The mala can help us to harness the power of manifestation by directing plenty of our thoughts. Holding a mala can help you stay firmly centered and grounded.

It gives you good vibrations. Having mala of a certain material, be it wood, crystal or stone, makes it all powerful. Each gemstone or seed has a powerful vibration that can really enhance your spiritual journey when you find the right one. While searching for perfect mala, trust your intuition. The right gems will find you when you need them.

It helps set up perfect timing. Setting a specific amount of time to meditate can be useful for many people. If you meditate with mala, you slowly start realising how much time you need to recite and repeat your mantras 108 times and it will be easier for you to make up enough space for it in your daily routine.

Everyone has a personal reason on why to use mala during meditation. Find the one that resonates with you most and start implementing meditation into your daily life. Feeling better already?

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