Yoga as a recognised and respected alternative therapy

Anxiety can range from mild to severe and it can come at any time in your life. It can prevent you from connecting with your friends and family or even feeling comfortable with them. Medication is what people often believe is the only solution but many don't realise that it often blunts their emotions and it is really hard to find one that doesn't have any side effects. More and more practictioners prescribe yoga as a therapy and treatment for anxiety, as it can help you get in tune with your emotions without messing up with them the way medications do.

How amazing is the fact that you can actually relieve your stress and anxiety simply by putting on comfortable clothing, breathing deeply and moving your body with purpose? Yoga is a recognised and respected therapy for many medical and mental conditions. It is a method of giving individuals the power to improve their health and well - being by alleviating, decreasing or balancing symptoms that cause them distress. Through yoga therapy we can change the way we relate to and identify with our condition.

So how can all that happen? Well, exercise is good for our mind and our mood. Yoga increases GABA levels in our brain the same way medications prescribed for people with anxiety do. Those practicing yoga for an hour can experience 27% rise in GABA levels. With no medications. Yoga can help you manage the systems in your body that respond to stress, allowing your body to relax in stressful situations. Your breathing returns to normal, your heart rate decreases and your blood pressure comes down.
When you practice yoga, you often perform mindfulness, controlled breathing and meditation, and all those can significantly lower anxiety and depression, encouraging awareness and concentration.

Yoga won't remove anxiety completely from your life forever. We are humans, after all, and experiencing a range of emotions is part of living. But being able to tap into your anxiety instead of letting it control you is a great thing and can change your mental well - being, physical health and your whole life.

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