About us

Throughout many centuries, the lotus has been considered a sacred flower in Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian religions. Rising from unclean and muddy water to blossom as a pure and beautiful flower, it became a symbol of divine resurrection and rebirth. The rebirth can be anything starting from the change of ideas to the change of the life path and spiritual growth.

Here at the Divine Lotus Temple, a small but dedicated company committed to offer unique handmade jewelry, boho chic bags and fashion accessories, or other home decor alternatives, we believe in the importance of the balance between mind, body and soul. Their close correlation has an important impact on our self – awareness, which in turn can determine the state of our health and general well – being.

Our selectively chosen collection of healing stones, handmade jewelry, and home accessories has been intended for individuals who love to walk on the wild side of life, seeking adventure and freedom, seizing the day and opportunities life has to offer. Guided by our motto 'Stay positive. Work hard. Make it happen.', we encourage each individual to express their true and unique sefl!

Please allow around 3 – 4 weeks for your parcel to arrive – many of our products are shipped from a global merchant. Thank you for shopping with us!