Pura Vida Mala Beads

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Item Type: Mala Beads
Material: Fluorite, Amazonite, African Turquoise
Beads Size: 4mm, 6mm or 8mm
Length: 90cm

Stunningly made Pura Vida Mala Beads are a truly wonderful combination of Fluorite, Amazonite and African Turquoise stones. A wonderful meditation tool for any yogi and crystal lover, and a great addition to a unique bohemian style. 

Called the Stone of Truth, Amazonite empowers one to search the self and discover one's own truths and integrity and to move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others to live in alignment with those beliefs and values. It provides the freedom to express one's thoughts and feelings and to set strong and clear boundaries. Amazonite soothes the chakras and aligns the physical body to the etheric. Particularly rejuvenating to the Heart and Throat Chakras, it enhances loving communication on all levels.

Fluorite is a powerful healer and protector, raising your focus and concentration level to bring clarity. It has the ability to absorb and neutralize any harmful and negative energy within a space, bringing balance and restoring order to energies, people and crystals around. It will help fill you and your space with harmony and peace. On a psychic level, Fluorite crystals are very protective stones, balancing both sides of your brain to bring mental clarity and free your mind from any mental and creative blocks. 

Considered a stone of evolution, African Turquoise brings about a great change and transformation within one's life. Its encouraging energy opens minds to the possibility of newness. It is a great stone to help us see the need for development and metamorphosis, providing both the balance and confidence necessary to further the process of self-development. African Turquoise awakens our spiritual bodies to their higher purpose, guiding us during periods of change and growth. 

*Since all gemstones are natural materials and each is unique, items may vary slightly in color, size and shape.

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